You Can Call Me Hank–Or Not

Maybe he didn't exactly come out swinging, but Henry showed up with a major-league attitude. Of course, when you're only a few minutes old, and people are scrubbing you and weighing you and measuring you and taking pictures before you've had a chance to put any clothes on, a guy can be excused for feeling a little annoyed.

Henry Orrin made his appearance on Monday, April 16. He weighed seven pounds ten ounces and was 20 ½ inches long. (Since the powers that be subjected him to all that weighing and measuring, we might as well report the findings.) The brand-new pictures of his brand-new self showed him to be a sturdy, healthy little person and much better looking than Winston Churchill.

One of his grandfathers has already been caught on camera calling him "Hammerin' Hank." Whether the nickname sticks, or whether he and his parents will prefer the more formal Henry, remains to be seen.

Given that his parents are golfers rather than baseball fans, Hank Aaron won't necessarily be one of Henry's idols. Nor, I'm guessing, will Hank Williams. Henry VIII? Please, let's not even mention him. Henry's mom and dad are both articulate attorneys. His role models will probably be Patrick Henry and Henry Clay.

And a good thing, too. Henry also just happens to have an articulate, very bright older sister. She's probably going to treat him with that loving bossiness only big sisters can achieve. The kid is going to need all the verbal skills he can muster.

Of course, a good strong swing might sometimes come in handy, too.

Hi, Henry. Welcome to the family.

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One thought on “You Can Call Me Hank–Or Not

  1. ginny

    Another grandchild….how nice for you!! And such a sturdy little guy, too. Whatever his idol will be, I’m sure he will make his grandma proud! [remember OH HENRY candy bars? They were sweet, too!] ginny

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