Spring Cleaning, the King, and Killer Art

"Fill a wall with a really, really big piece of killer art."

This, according to a decorating article by Mary Carol Garrity that appeared in our newspaper this week, is a way to add "lots of drama and personality to a room."

I skimmed the article over breakfast, mostly because lingering over the newspaper and my second cup of tea was a good way to avoid getting to work. I wasn't looking for decorating tips, since we already did the spring cleaning for this year. It consisted of clearing several cubic feet of stuff out of the hallway closet. I also rearranged the formal living/dining room by moving the sewing machine from one side of the big front window to the other to make room for the treadmill parallel to the wall instead of facing it.

As I read further, I realized I had inadvertently followed another tip in Ms. Garrity's article: to "add a piece of eye-catching furniture." It's possible that she wouldn't think a treadmill qualifies as "furniture," but since it's the biggest thing in the room except for the piano, it certainly catches the eye.

Just as I was about to fold up the paper and head to my office, serendipity struck. I noticed an ad in the antiques and collectibles section of the classifieds for a wall hanging made in Turkey. Since my partner has spent a lot of time in Turkey and we have Turkish carpets on several of our floors and walls, I read further.

This item wasn't a carpet, but a "close up portrait of Elvis," size two feet by three. It was only $35, surely a bargain figured by the square inch.

Suddenly, the ad and the decorating article came together in a stunning moment of decorating inspiration. What would more effectively add "drama and personality" to a room than an oversized portrait of Elvis? True, it wasn't on velvet. Even with that drawback, however, it would certainly qualify as "killer art."

It would be the perfect focal point to complement the treadmill. One could commune with The King while huffing and puffing along at 4.2 miles an hour. Listening, of course, to "You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog" or "Blue Suede Shoes."

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2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning, the King, and Killer Art

  1. Frank

    Ginny is back to a painting class. We have walls of our house with her paintings so we don’t need any more art, killer or other. I am impressed with your statement about “huffing and puffing along at 4.2 an hour. I have joined the Great Strides program again and if I stride along at 3 MPH, I am at the best of my capability. If it went to 4.2 , I would probably suffer dire consequences to my further existance. My question: how long can you huff and puff at 4.2 MPH?

  2. Kathleen

    Well, at 4.2 I can go for about half an hour. Usually I like to read while I’m on the treadmill, though, and the maximum speed at which I can read and walk without getting sick to my stomach is 3.5 MPH. Maybe if I tried a really exciting book I could go faster!

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