From Double Time to Doublemint

Part of the fun of a Saturday-night dance, while taking time to catch one's breath after a couple of jitterbugs followed by a polka, is watching other dancers. It's amazing that so many couples can be doing the same step to the same music, with so many different results.

There is the young guy in baggy jeans, arms pumping, elbows and shirttail flying, who windmills his slender wife around the floor with such energy that they pass everyone else at least twice. From their matching grins, they enjoy every lap.

In contrast, an inconspicuous older couple dance as nonchalantly as if they've only dropped by for a few minutes on their way to somewhere else. They are so smooth and relaxed that it takes a while to notice just how good they really are.

A looming man in cowboy black from head to toe, who must be six foot five with his hat on, always hunches over his partner as if he's afraid she might try to escape. (Not likely, from her smile. Besides, she wouldn't get far in her three-inch heels.) His right hand, fingers spread, stays parked on her lower back just high enough to stay within the bounds of respectability. His motive appears to be locomotion rather than lechery, however. The touch might be a bit personal, but he steers her around the floor with great efficiency.

Then there is the slim couple who are excellent dancers, moving gracefully together with lots of spins and flourishes. What makes their accomplishment all the more remarkable is that they both chew gum. While their feet are waltzing in three-four time, their jaws are moving steadily in four-four time. It's one thing to be coordinated enough to dance and chew gum at the same time—but in different tempos? Don't try this in public until you've practiced it at home.

Then there are a couple of dancers who aren't quite ready for Saturday night yet. For one thing, it would keep them up past bedtime. Last week I saw a video of my two-year-old grandsons, dancing in their pajamas. They both twirled and hopped around and around in circles, always in the same direction, until they got dizzy and fell down. Then they'd giggle, scramble to their feet, and do it all over again.

Maybe they should wait a while before they try it with gum.

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One thought on “From Double Time to Doublemint

  1. Ginny Putz

    Frank and I, for a long time, took along to our Saturday night dances, a friend who is a single lady. Frank would dance every other dance with her, so I had oportunity to watch other dancers on the floor. All of them will qualify for senior citizenship, and are good dancers, but each couple have different ways of going about it, too. Some can still jitterbug as well as they did in their youth[I am not one of those], some are smooth as professionals, some just have a whale of a good time and show their enjoyment in facial espressions. Some polka with verve and vigor, some do it as gracefully as when they waltz. I envy any of them who can dance in any manner without pain in their knees. Ginny

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