Be a Kid Again? You’ve Got to be Kidding.

One of the many humorous/inspiring/possibly fake/probably plagiarized emails that periodically circulates around the Internet is about "resigning from adulthood." It talks about turning in your driver's license and becoming a kid again.

Are you kidding? Who would ever want to be a kid again? True, adults have more responsibility in the gainful employment and buying your own groceries departments. I'll accept that responsibility any day in return for all the benefits of being an adult, like no algebra homework, no school lunches, and choosing your own bedtime.

Here is my Top Ten list of the reasons it's better to be an adult than a kid:

10. You get to plan your own menus.

9. In the car, you almost always get to sit in the front by a window.

8. You can paint your room whatever color you wish.

7. You can eat watermelon just before bedtime if you want to.

6. You can decide for yourself whether you're cold and should put on a sweater.

5. Nobody says you can only read one more chapter before you go to bed.

4. You can do anything your older siblings get to do.

3. If you want a puppy or a kitten, you don't have to settle for a goldfish.

2. Two words: driver's license.

And the top reason it's better to be an adult than a kid?

1. Grandchildren.

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5 thoughts on “Be a Kid Again? You’ve Got to be Kidding.

  1. Frank

    Be a kid again? And be tormented by those awful zits? That is one thing that springs to mind about a benefit of reaching adulthood.

  2. Val

    It also means that you don’t have to put up with your mother and 2 nurses holding you down to get shots…

  3. Kathleen

    Val, your mother really had to do that to you? I hope getting shots for your kids has been less dramatic.

  4. Val

    No, not my mother….I had to hold down MY daughter with the assistance of 2 nurses! On the same day you posted this post. It was a very long and dramatic day!

  5. Kathleen

    Val, look on the bright side: At least when she grows up she’ll have something to talk about with her therapist.

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