Backwards and In High Heels


*With apologies to Hal David and Albert Hammond, who wrote “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before,” and also to Julio Iglesias and Willie Nelson, who sang it.

*With appreciation to my partners in rhyme: Patty, Tim, and Alvis.

For all the girls I’ve held before
When learning dancing seemed a chore.
I thank you all so much
For “step, together, touch”
And jitterbugging just once more.

For all the patient smiles you wore
While counting, “One, two, three, and four.”
You held my sweaty hand
And told me it was grand
To learn to move about the floor.

For all the toes I’ve bruised before
While stumbling across the floor.
It was an accident,
No injury was meant—
I hope your feet aren’t very sore.

You worked so hard that you would “glow”
As round and round the floor we’d go.
You tried to let me lead,
My signals you would heed
Before I’d even let you know.

My thanks to all who touched my life
So I could dance to please my wife.
By now I’m in the groove,
I know just how to move.
And it’s brought joy into my life.

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  1. Frank

    Driver on Cell?

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