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Not Your Grandpa’s Father’s Day


There was a lot of it showing at the family wedding last weekend. The father of the bride. The father of the groom. The father-to-be who is the youngest sibling in our blended family, and who many of us secretly still see as 12 years old and too young to be having children of his own. And the brothers, brothers-in-law, cousins, and friends who were fathers of the babies and all those little kids having so much fun on the dance floor.

This generation's young fathers are a joy to watch. They look just as comfortable with a baby tucked under one arm as they do with an iPad. They appear to share with their wives the "parent radar" that's always alert to what the kids are doing. They seem to take for granted that it's up to them to do a fair share of the yucky stuff like changing diapers and cleaning up messes.

Here's to all the young fathers in my family and elsewhere who aren't embarrassed to go out in public with little plastic bags of Cheerios in their pockets. Who matter-of-factly wipe sticky little fingerprints off their cell phones. Who, when they're looking after their own kids, don't call it "babysitting."

You're doing a great job, guys. Happy Father's Day.

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