The Case of Grandma’s Stolen Stash

Oh, dear. There went another missed opportunity to collect some votes in the “most popular grandma” competition.

If only I had realized the potential earlier. The last time we traveled through Colorado, I could have stocked up on baking supplies. Then I could have made a nice batch of “Mary Jane’s special brownies” to share with the grandkids.

The way some grandparents in Greeley apparently did. Oh, not on purpose—at least not the sharing part. It appears that a few enterprising fourth-graders found Grandma and Grandpa’s pot-laced goodies. With a business sense beyond their years, the budding little entrepreneurs took the treats to school to sell.

The kids are facing disciplinary action. No charges are expected to be filed against the grandparents, who presumably have been punished enough by the loss of their legal but poorly hidden treats. The school district did send home a letter reminding parents and grandparents to secure their stashes better.

I should hope so. In addition, however, shouldn’t children be taught not to steal from their grandparents? When I was a child, my grandmother kept peppermints in her purse and Hershey bars in her dresser drawer. She did share, but only by invitation and on her terms. To the best of my knowledge, no grandkid ever dared to filch any. We knew we were expected to keep our mitts off of Grandma’s stuff.

As a grandma now myself, that expectation seems perfectly appropriate. But just to be on the safe side, I hereby make a solemn promise. It’s extremely unlikely that I will ever bake a batch of brownies with pot in them. If I ever do, though, I swear I’ll hide them well. No grandkids will ever get their sticky little fingers on pot-enhanced chocolate at my house.

Actually, it’s almost as unlikely that I will ever bake a batch of brownies containing nothing more powerful than cocoa. If I ever do, though, I swear I’ll hide them equally well. Some substances are just not meant to be shared with children.

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2 thoughts on “The Case of Grandma’s Stolen Stash

  1. Ginny

    My grandmother, too, kept a stash of candy by her sewing machine in her bedroom and we kids did not even LOOK at it until she saw fit to give us some. Oh yes, just a thought, for the grandmothers of her day, the word pot had an altogether different meaning …….but that’s a story for another time. Ginny

  2. I do remember a story about your brother managing to eat the whole lower layer of one box of your grandmother’s candy. Good while it lasted, but not so sweet when the first layer was finished and his theft was discovered!

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