Mother’s Day for the Practical Woman

Anybody who thinks women are more romantic and sentimental than men has never been a woman. Or at least has never been a woman in my family.

Oh, we like getting flowers, and we definitely like getting chocolate. Some of us, I’m sure, have shed a tear at the end of Lord of the Rings or Charlotte’s Web. But all in all, we approach life in a practical way. I suspect there are plenty of others out there just like us. You might be a Practical-Minded Woman yourself if:

• You have ever served leftovers to invited dinner guests.

• You have ever worn snow boots with an evening dress.

• There is at least one tissue in the pocket of every jacket you own.

• You own a pair of insulated coveralls. (Extra points if you’ve ever been whistled at while wearing them.)

• You have a frequent-shopper card at the hardware store.

• You have never owned a pair of shoes with heels higher than two inches.

• You have a multi-purpose tool in the glove compartment of your car, and you’ve actually used it.

• You see an attractive guy in a Corvette and think, “Hmm. . . I wonder where he puts the groceries.”

• The only silk underwear you own is long and came from a sporting goods store.

• You have ever worn long underwear on a date.

• You think the pretty scented candle on your nightstand would be handy in case of a power outage.

• Your favorite poet is Dr. Seuss.

• You’ve ever wrapped a gift with newspaper or duct tape. (Extra points if you’ve used them together.)

Happy Practical Mother’s Day.

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3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day for the Practical Woman

  1. Frank

    I will have Ginny reply to the Mother’s Day column’s response. Any way, Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers I know.

  2. Ginny

    some things can bring tears to one’s eyes! As when my neighbors brought me a little tricycle plant holder for my garden, saying that as they both had lost their mothers, they wanted to give me a present.My heart swelled! This world has a LOT of very NICE folks in it and I live on a streetful of them.Ginny

  3. Kathleen

    One of the blessings I’ve found about getting older is that my definition of “family” keeps expanding.

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