The Real Difference Between Men and Women

Of all the many differences between men and women, this one puzzles me the most. Why are men perfectly content to walk around in public with the size displayed on the outside of their pants?

No woman would ever do this. Okay, if she had been dieting until she got down to, say, a size four, she would certainly be tempted to advertise that fact by "accidentally" letting a label flip over to the outside where other women might see it. She wouldn't actually do so, of course. Instead, she would go buy a colorful belt or scarf to emphasize her newly trimmed waistline.

Any woman who wears a size larger than about eight is certainly not going to share that information with the whole world. If she stands up straight, tightens her abdominal muscles, and wears a loose jacket over those pants that are just ever so slightly too tight, people might think she's a size or two smaller than the actual labels safely out of sight on the inside of her clothes.

A guy, on the other hand, will put on his jeans and head out the door, not caring about the label on the back that tells the whole world he wears a 42 waist and a 32 inseam.

I don't know whether this means that men have more self-confidence than women, that men care less about their appearance than women do, or that most men simply don't notice such minor details as clothing sizes.

Maybe guys understand better than women do that what people notice is your body size rather than your clothing size. After all, both size four and size 3XXX pretty much speak for themselves.

Or maybe, for a guy, it's okay to advertise that he wears size 42 pants because he knows that his actual waist is closer to 46. That measurement just happens to be a little bit higher than the top of his pants and several inches out in front of his belt buckle.

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4 thoughts on “The Real Difference Between Men and Women

  1. Rick Kahler

    How many men are even aware of this? Thanks for the new information.
    Now that I am enlightened, I don’t think I care. Most women can guess a man’s waistline, just as they can another woman’s. They don’t need to look at a label. Guys don’t care about what another guys waistline is, so they don’t care. Plus, if you get that close to a guys butt to read those tiny little numbers, you have a whole new set of questions to answer.:-).

  2. Frank

    I don’t know your friend, Rick,(if he is still your friend), but we got a chuckle from his comment about your getting close enough to a guys butt to read the little numbers!!!!!!

  3. Kathleen

    I hadn’t even considered that maybe guys are so casual about those size labels because they know no one is going to get close enough to read them. Especially those of an age to have to put their reading glasses on first.

  4. Nancy

    Men just don’t notice details – like tags on pants, etc. One time in church I noticed that Jim’s pants still had the price tag on the back (and no, I was not admiring his butt, in church no less). I have very good eyesight and can spot a sale tag from a long ways away! However, on Easter Sunday, when I had a sucker stick on the back of my new Easter dress – – no one noticed until church was over!

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