“Let’s Went, Cisco!”

As a follow-up to last week’s discussion of ankle-threatening Chihuahuas, here’s a dramatic, touching, and perhaps even heart-warming story. It began with the following ad in the local paper:

“Two lost Chihuahuas, last seen Sunday, Sep. 21. One light tan, tall and skinny, goes by the name of Pancho, the other short and fat, mostly brown with some white, wearing an orange Harley Davidson collar, goes by the name of Cisco. Reward offered for safe return.”

I’m not sure just what size a Chihuahua has to be to be considered “tall.” Nor do I quite see the point of describing the other one as “short.” Of course he’s short—he’s a Chihuahua, for Pete’s sake.

It’s the Harley Davidson collar, though, that explains everything. There was a motorcycle rally in this area last week. It attracted some 30,000 bikers, according to an informant in leathers who was sitting on the porch of a coffee shop in a small tourist town.

So it’s a pretty good guess that Pancho and Cisco took off for the rally. In that crowd, nobody’s going to notice a couple more guys in their Harley gear.

But what really made the story intriguing was the second ad, right below the first one: “Lost last Sunday. White Poodle.”

Obviously, for a sheltered and pampered lady, the prospect of an escapade with two cool biker dudes was too much to resist. She just couldn’t pass up the chance to be seen on the back of a bike with these guys.

And who wouldn’t want to go along? Anyone, at least, who is a fan of old Western movies. Mount up, everyone—Pancho and The Cisco Kid are riding again.

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