Welcome, Kaden!

It was a long, hard trip, but he’s here. Kaden Richard, born at 6:33 Saturday morning, March 15.

At first glance, that seems like a more civilized hour than his cousin’s middle-of-the-night, who-needs-to-wait-for-the-midwife arrival in January.

Well, not exactly. Everyone involved, especially the principals, would have been just as pleased to have Kaden show up a few hours sooner. His arrival took a long time. A contributing factor may have been the fact that he weighed ten and a half pounds. To quote the proud but exhausted new mother a few hours after his arrival: “That was sooooo much work!”

Welcome, Kaden “not-so-little” Richard. It’s wonderful to have you in the family. True, your size was the first thing we all noticed, but after we’ve exclaimed over that we can move on to more important things. Like what color your eyes are really going to be, and whether you have your grandfather’s long, narrow feet, and if you’ll have your mother’s luminous smile, and whether you’ll go to sleep best when you’re rocked or walked or patted on the back. And most of all, who you are going to be. We’re eager to get to know you.

By the way, when you get older, don’t let your mom get away with any guilt trips of the “I was in labor with you for 26 hours” kind. Yes, your birth was an incredible amount of work. But she thinks you’re worth it. She told me so herself.

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