Thanks to Leap Day, I’m Legal

When I got the mail today, there was an envelope from the office of the county treasurer. This reminded me of two things: First, my car license stickers expire at the end of February. Second, ever since I mailed in a check for the renewal a couple of weeks ago, I had forgotten all about it.

As a general rule I send in my renewal form and check sometime in January, so I get the new decals in plenty of time. Of course, then I usually procrastinate until the last day before I get around to putting them on. Still, at least I have them in my possession, and sometimes I even know where they are.

This year, what with one thing and another, I didn’t think about renewing the tags until I happened across the reminder postcard well after Groundhog Day. I knew I was pushing my luck when I sent my check on February 11, expecting to get the decals back before the deadline. Thank goodness it’s Leap Year. I’m still legal, thanks to that extra day of grace.

Like a good little procrastinator, I trotted right down to the garage and put the decals on my license plates. I’m renewed, up to date, and on the right side of the law. As will be obvious to any police officers who happen to notice. They won’t even have to check whether my decals are orange (last year’s) or green (this year’s).

It’s obvious that I just put new stickers on, because the lower right-hand corner of each license plate has a little spot that’s been carefully scrubbed. They show up more clearly than the decals do, because they are the only two clean places on the whole car.

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