A Modest Thanksgiving List

Just a few of the things I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving:

· Good health, and having inherited genes from so many long-lived, healthy ancestors.

· Bad puns. Such as (with thanks to A.L.) the fact that a group of crows is a caucus.

· The incredible abundance of food in the grocery store, including fresh fruit and vegetables all winter long.

· Dark chocolate.

· The fact that dark chocolate, in moderate amounts, has officially been established to be health food.

· My library card.

· Flannel sheets.

· The Internet.

· Email.

· Deer and red foxes in the back yard.

· Mountain lions staying out of the back yard.

· Twenty-one years in the program.

· Shared laughter.

· The newspaper in our box by 5:30 every morning (even if there’s no way I’m going to go up there and get it at that hour just in case a stray mountain lion has decided to take a quick look at the comics).

· And above all, loving family and friends. Bless you all.

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